The End of Our Anxiety

What if from birth, everyone was on a journey moving toward somewhere? And maybe the place is the same place? What if everybody, from the beginning of time, that is, from the beginning of cosmic history and from the beginning of their own personal histories, are on their way to meet their Maker. Yes, a singular, personal Maker—someone who made them, and from whom comes not only life, but also purpose, meaning, and significance.

What if the shape of our lives points to something beyond us? What if our everyday experiences—the good, the bad, and the ugly—mean something deeper than we can see on the surface of things.

We were made for something more, yet we settle for everything less. Every age since the beginning of time has been an age of anxiety.

Anxiety reveals itself in every world—analog and digital. Let’s pause, open our eyes, and be aware of the restlessness among us and inside us.

How shall the rage of the nations be subdued? How long shall the wind and the waves of life move us about and crash in upon us?

Surely there is an end to our anxieties. We are on a journey toward that end. Opportunities lurk about us—seeking to distract us from our distractions and to make us restless only for the One who will give us profound rest.

Our very anxieties either keep us from our Maker or draw us toward our Maker. Shall our restlessness move us near our Maker today? Or, will we wait to meet him until the final end of our anxieties?