I have been a writer most of my life–but I’m just now learning how to grow into the writer I am.

I write about the human experience in general, and the experience of following Christ in particular. No matter your belief (or, unbelief), we all have more in common than we dare acknowledge or admit. As OneRepublic puts it,

“Ooh, we all want the same thing.
Ooh, we all run for something.
Oh for God, for fate,
For love, for hate,
For gold, and rust,
For diamonds, and dust.”*

I was born and raised in central Oklahoma. Then in 2001 I moved to Dallas, TX for school (Historical Theology / Intercultural studies). Within a few years, I met my wife at a place called the Meadow. Nearly a year later, I proposed to her. We moved to Austin, TX in 2010 to serve with a new church. I had spent nearly half of my life in Dallas and Austin—where, by the grace of God, I really grew up.

“Sometimes we have to go home to move forward.” Justin Cox

I moved away from home in 2001 by myself; I returned home with my incomparable wife and two adorable and crazy kids in 2017. For my day job, I work remotely in Christian Publishing and technology.

*“Love Runs Out,” Native (2013).